EXTERNAL CLADDING, a barely known concept till some time back, is now growing in the consciousness of building owners. Also referred to as façade design, it has now become part and parcel of the identity of buildings whether commercial, retail, residential or industrial. Its popularity stems from the understanding that cladding is not simply a visual element; rather it is the building’s skin, and therefore, needs attention.

HYNADECOR plays a very important and vital role in introduction of new ranges at regular intervals and focus on those products which can be among the best and enthuse our customers. Normally, a general perception about ACP was that it comes in solid and metallic colours, but our high tech product ranges i.e. “HYNADECOR” wooden, granite & wooden finishes have changed the definition of ACP and replaces wood, granite and marble as far as exterior is concerned. Our exclusive premium ranges have got them new adherents, and these panels are being used for high value interior decoration purpose as well. Keeping in mind the technological up-gradations and with an ever growing and aesthetic need of Architects for beautiful natural elevations, we have been delivering the dreams of architects come true.

HYNADECOR’s exclusive wooden, granite & marble finish aluminium composite panels are used, each with their unique qualities, such as colour, durability, hardness, visual structure, etc., offering numerous solutions for the design of façades. Our wooden ACP facades are suitable for residential as also for commercial buildings. They are grouped by tree type or profile and method of attachment. HYNADECOR wooden ACP façades are fitted onto the prepared substructure, or onto other existing buildings.

Marble is a common facade type found on older buildings. You can also find marble facades on newer buildings, but they are rarer. Marble gives a regal look, but it often has practical issues, making it a less than ideal option. Deterioration is top among these issues as well as the expense. In parts of the country where acid rain is a problem, marble is especially impractical. But HYNADECOR marble or stone series ACP have unique advantages. The total weight is only 15% of HYNADECOR or granite. It’s both bendable and curving and also superior to natural granite or marble.

Weight Granite 30 mmt 7.6 Kg/ m²
81 Kg/m² 4.8 Kg/ m²
12.4 Kg/ m²
Bend ability Not Bend ability Bend ability easy
Cleaning Not easy Easy
Panel Size Not so large Large as per request.
  • Sizes: 1220mm X 2440mm, 1220mm X 3050mm, 1220mm X 3660mm.
  • Colours: Varied.
  • Thickness: 3mm & 4mm.
  • Durability: High dimensionally stability with Warranty periods of up to 10 years.
  • Aesthetics: As natural as wood, stone & granite finishes.
  • Coating: PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride) with clear coat.
  • Features: High strength, impact resistant, water resistant, termite resistant, low moisture movement, low alkalinity & does not wrap etc.
  • Recyclable: 100%
  • Exterior/Interior